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Microwave Radio - Enterprise Solutions

Enterprises looking to construct private networks connecting branch offices and local factories need to look no further. With NEC's microwave solution, enterprises can build point-to-point microwave links between offices and factories at a fraction of the cost of fiber or network leases. The latest addition to the iPASOLINK range, the compact iPASOLINK 100E is offered at an attractive price, inherits the rich features of the larger iPASOLINK200/400/1000 and is suitable for enterprises and small operators with modest capacity and port requirements.


Enterprise Solutions

  • High-performance carrier
    • Carrier class features (Ethernet ring protection, Ethernet OAM, QoS, etc.)
    • High capacity radio + Gigabit Ethernet
  • Low cost of ownership
    • Rein in upfront cost (PAYG)
    • Replace expensive leased lines
    • Low power consumption

Utility Solutions

Using resources from network providers may not be an option for customers who place the upmost priority on security and independence. Construction of wired networks incurs high costs for site acquisitions and fiber installation. With NEC's microwave solution, utility and security providers can now construct independent, reliable networks instead of renting leased lines. This would reduce the risk of cyber attacks on lifelines.  NEC's microwave solution is best suited to data networks that control power grids, smart meters, production facilities, as well as general internal corporate data networks.
NEC's devices can utilize unlicensed spectrum for customers who don't have microwave licenses or who are looking to reduce costs further.


Utility Solutions

  • Highly reliable with rich redundancy features
  • Isolated from public networks for greater security
  • Fine-tune control over traffic parameters to suit utility network requirements