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Virtualization Mobile Core Network Solutions

NEC opens a new era of networking

The virtualization technologies which has revolutionized the IT world, is now appealing to telecom carriers and service providers who are facing challenges to meet explosive traffic demands.
From the onset, NEC has been leading in the area of network virtualization focusing on  Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). In solving the telecom operators’ challenges, NEC has been the first to commercialize OpenFlow solutions, vEPC (Virtualized Evolved Packet Core: vMME and vS/P-GW) and vMVNO-GW. Proven in commercial carrier-grade environment, NEC’s SDN and NFV solutions deliver performance, stability and reliability. NEC’s solution builds on a strong foundation that is created through years of technology innovation and deep commercial experience in both IT and Telecom industry.

Introduction movie

Network Functions virtualization

Open EcoSystem

Rich and various virtual NW functions on common PF.

Higher Scalability

From 1U RackMount Server to carrier scale.

TCO Saving

NEC's Open and Sophisticated NFV solution saves TCO.

NEC's virtualization core network solutions for telecom carriers

NEC’s mobile core network solutions simplify operations, facilitate procurement and optimize expenditure while achieving high-performance and high-reliability. vEPC aligns with Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) architecture with general-purpose x86 servers. vEPC design promotes optimal use of resources while delivering scale. In meeting the carrier-grade operational requirements, vEPC delivers robust fault tolerance by dynamic auto-recovery and auto-healing mechanism.
NEC’s virtualization solutions provide unique values to telecom carriers in diversified aspects including on-demand scaling, service-driven network configuration, and disaster resiliency.

Auto Healing and NFV Deployment

Meets demands of new various Communication Service Provider

NEC’s vMVNO-GW is a GGSN/P-GW integrated system based on the NFV concept that implements the functionality and services required by a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).
vMVNO-GW supports MVNO operations of any size and scale with significant reduction in initial investment cost as well as operation cost from space, power and maintenance. Starting with small scale of single 1U rack mount server, network functions can be easily expanded and scaled to accommodate increase in the number of subscribers and traffic volume. Significantly lower total cost of ownership and optimized operation compared to legacy network equipment will enable MVNO to launch new services with agility and simplicity.