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Smart Transportation

Transportation – the physical movement of people and goods – affects every single day in our lives; and so do its key challenges like the aging of the transport infrastructure, road and public transport congestion, inefficient logistics, lack of information and safety risks. We believe that alleviating those problems brings enormous social value and makes our cities a better place to live in. Therefore, we are focusing on adapting advanced ICT technologies to provide a deeper understanding of mobility through analytics, such that we can optimize the control of transport systems and increase the users' awareness of events affecting their journeys by means of connectivity. These are the pillars of our vision of Intelligent Transport Systems.

Vehicle Connectivity

In an effort started in 2000, we have established NEC’s leadership in short-range vehicular communication based on GeoNetworking. As the technology is moving from research into commercialization phases, we are focusing on selected enhancements and contributing to standardization. Check out our award-winning platforms LinkBird-MX© and C2X-SDK.

Transportation Analytics

Different transportation aspects, such as users, vehicles, road sensors etc., generate data whose potential is largely unexploited. We are focusing on applying and extending (big) data analytics techniques in order to better predict, detect and react to mobility demand and events.

Transportation Control

In this area, we are focusing on the optimization of infrastructure and vehicle-based operations like routing and scheduling for fleets/logistics as well as cooperative vehicle speed and trajectory control, with the aim of improving energy efficiency through a higher level of automation.


  • NEC will showcase a Collaborative Lane Merging demonstration at the EU FP7 Tomorrow’s Elastic Adaptive Mobility (TEAM) project final event taking place on October 18-19 at the EUREF Campus in Berlin, Germany . The TEAM project developed technologies and applications which facilitate and encourage a collaborative behavior among transportation users. The final event includes demonstrations, conference, and exhibitions from the large project consortium members.
  • NEC wins another Best Paper Award at IEEE VNC 2014, after IEEE VTC Spring 2014, for its analysis of the DriveC2X large-scale trial communication performance
  • NEC successfully participated in the 3rd ETSI ITS Plugtests with its vehicular communication platform (event website)
  • NEC demonstrated eco-driving technology at the eCoMove-interactIVe joint final event (press release)
  • NEC demonstrated motorway dynamic speed control at the ITS World Congress in Tokyo (press release)
  • NEC Europe's CEO, Naoki Iizuka, signs the Car2Car Communication Consortium MoU in which car makers and automotive suppliers commit to commercial deployment of the Car2X systems in Europe starting from 2015
  • NEC Europe receives the Frost & Sullivan’s 2012 European Vehicular Communications New Product Innovation Award for its vehicular communications systems LinkBird-MX and C2X-SDK (press release)

Selected Publications


  • L. Moreira-Matias, V. Cerqueira: “CJAMmer - Traffic Jam Cause Prediction using Boosted Trees”. To appear in Proceedings of 19th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November (2016)
  • C. Wuthishuwong, F. Alesiani: “Locally Growing Rapid Tree (LGRT) Motion Planning for Autonomous Driving”. To appear in Proceedings of 19th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November (2016)
  • L. Moreira-Matias, J. Gama, J. Mendes-Moreira: “Concept Neurons - Handling Drift Issues for Real-Time Industrial Data Mining”, To appear in Proceedings of European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML-PKDD), September 2016
  • M. Boban, A. Festag: “Service-actuated multi-channel operation for vehicular communications”, Elsevier Computer Communications, May 2016
  • F. Alesiani, S. Gajek: “Remote Testimony: Trustful Intelligent Vehicles”, Proceedings of the IEEE 83rd Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring) May 2016, Nanjing, China
  • Khiary J., Moreira-Matias L., Cerqueira V. and Cats O.,: “Automated Setting of Bus Schedule Coverage using Unsupervised Machine Learning”. In: Advances in Knowledge Discovery and
  • M. Boban, P. M. d'Orey: Exploring the Practical Limits of Cooperative Awareness in Vehicular Communications, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, March 2016
  • L. Moreira-Matias, Gama J., Ferreira M., Mendes-Moreira J. and Damas L.,: "Time-Evolving OD Matrix Estimation using high-speed GPS data streams". In: Elsevier Expert Systems with Applications, vol.44, pp. 275-288 (2016)


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  • F. Alesiani, O. M. Lykkja, A. Festag, R. Baldessari: Cooperative ITS Messages for Green Mobility: An Overview from the eCoMove Project, Proceedings of the 19th ITS World Congress and Exhibition, October
  • A. Festag, M. Wieker, N. Zahariev: Safety and Traffic Efficiency Applications for GeoMessaging over Cellular Mobile Networks, Proceedings of the 19th ITS World Congress and Exhibition, October


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