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Small Cells Product


Product Description

Based on deeply understanding the importance of flexibility in C-RAN deployment, NEC has designed its NFV C-RAN with flexible Functional split between DU and RU. L3 and L2 functions can be automatically add/remove in virtualized DU to meet the traffic demand. In this design, it can be adapted to L1/L2/L3 C-RAN options, and gives customer flexibility to decide the C-RAN architecture based on their requirements.


  • Fronthaul-aware C-RAN
    •  - L1/L2/L3 C-RAN can be used appropriately according to the fronthaul condition.
    •  - Mixed L1/L2/L3 C-RAN configurations can be coordinated efficiently by a single DU
  • Elastic operatable virtualized DU
    •  - L3 and L2 functions can be automatically add/remove(scale up/down) to meet the traffic demand
    •  - COTS server can be used for easy & quick deployment
  • NFV orchestration enabled O&M
    •  - Fine QoE can be achieved by integrated end-to-end network management

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