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Transport SDN Solution

NEC/Netcracker Transport SDN Solution

Break down silos with a self-optimizing network.
Gain complete visibility and maximize optimization across all network domains and layers to accommodate dynamic traffic patterns, new services and substantially reduce costs.


Our increasingly digital world is creating unprecedented demands on the network. Bandwidth demand is soaring as mobile data consumption grows, video consumption escalates and IoT devices expand connectivity exponentially. Cloud will be the predominant delivery model and will account for the majority of IT spend. A dynamic network that is programmable from end to end that automates service provision and restoration is necessary to support this new reality.

The challenge today is that networks are operated in silos. IP, optical and microwave layers are run separately. Network operators lack visibility across the network’s access, aggregation and transport layers. Even as SDN is introduced, it is often limited to a single network domain or layer. Traffic engineering in conducted offline, resulting in static provisioning, slow path restoration and under-utilization.

NEC/Netcracker's Transport SDN Solution is focused on transforming the network to become a profit source. It is multidomain, multilayer and multivendor. At the core of the solution is a Multilayer SDN controller that coordinates all SDN domain controllers and extends management to data centers and non-SDN-controlled parts of the network. Service Orchestration provides a smooth integration of SDN and traditional non-SDN domains, tying all pieces together in a cohesive solution.

The NEC/Netcracker Transport SDN Solution breaks down network silos to provide full visualization ? a single view across all domains and layers. State-of-the-art analytics help to optimize resources across different networks. In addition, the solution fully automates service provisioning and restoration across the end-to-end network.

The result is a transformed network that adapts dynamically to end-user needs, making it possible to accommodate changing traffic patterns and on-demand customer requests while delivering a superior customer experience and significant cost savings.

Features and benefits

Single View of the Entire Network

  • Break down silos and interwork across domains and layers.
  • Centralize management across multivendor IP, optical and microwave layers.applications, VNFs and more.

Seamless Migration from Legacy to SDN

  • Leverage hybrid service orchestration to enable phased migration.
  • Automate service provisioning and restoration.

Maximize Optimization

  • Enable optimal end-to-end path computation across network layers and domains.
  • Utilize an advanced analytics-driven path computation engine.

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