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As many as 8.2 billion passengers will travel in 2037, a near doubling today‘s air passenger volume according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

When travelling, the customer journey and experience is often as important as the destination itself. However, increasing numbers of travelers also elevates the need for balancing efficient passenger processing with enhanced security measures.

Airports and airlines are increasingly recognizing the need to adopt new strategies to proactively enable capacity growth, as well as lower operational costs, identify new revenue streams and ease passenger flow to enhance the overall travel experience.

NEC is at the forefront of providing seamless, secure and efficient solutions for airports, airlines and governments across the globe to ultimately deliver an enhanced air traveler experience.

Seamless Passenger Experience
A passenger’s information is stored on a single record, creating a trusted identity token for use at every in-airport touchpoint.

Airport Security
NEC’s AI-based intelligent video analytics solutions ensure high quality ambient security.

Airport Operations
NEC’s solutions are designed to enhance operational efficiencies in the face of increasing air passenger volumes.

Air Traffic Control
In order to efficiently manage air traffic, NEC offers an integrated Air Traffic Control System for en route and terminal air traffic.


NEC holds a strategic partnership with International Air Transport Association (IATA).

NEC joins the World Business Partners membership with Airports Council International (ACI).


The 1st biometrics terminal in Atlanta by Delta Air Lines & NEC

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