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NEC partners with Acea to provide Energy Storage Systems for Smart Grid project in Rome

Rome & London, February 11, 2013 - NEC Italia S.p.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Europe Ltd., and Acea Spa (ACE.MI), the Italian multi-utility serving the Rome metropolitan area, announced an agreement to develop innovative lithium-ion Energy Storage Systems (ESS) to be implemented in Acea’s primary and secondary power substations.

The agreement, signed in December 2012, marks the beginning of a major partnership framework between NEC and Acea for enhancing the Smart Grid development in Rome.

NEC will deliver two ESS (180kW/100kWh and 100kW/50 kWh) which represent the key elements of Acea’s Smart Grid project designed to improve the quality of utility services, reduce energy losses and improve the management of distributed energy generators, such as photovoltaic systems and wind power systems. The ESS will start operation in September 2013, and contribute to several applications that include peak shaving/time shifting of power consumption, power balancing, power-system stabilization and power outage backup.

The 180kW/100kWh ESS connected to Acea’s low-voltage electricity grid will serve as an emergency backup power source in the event of a utility grid outage. The 100kW/50 kWh ESS, coupled with Acea’s photovoltaic power plant and connected to its mid-voltage electricity grid, improve service quality and continuity of distributed energy generators by compensating for power fluctuations. In addition, NEC will provide a real-time monitoring system for the temperature and charge-discharge status of ESS, which assures system safety and reliability.

“NEC is proud to partner with a visionary company like Acea, who understands the importance of Smart Grids for successfully meeting the demands of utility companies as well as reducing environmental burdens,” said Ugo Govigli, Vice President, Smart Grid Solutions, NEC Europe. “These ESS were designed entirely by the NEC EMEA Energy competence center which was established in Italy in 2011. We expect these developments to pave the way into new energy market segments throughout EMEA.”

"This is an exciting step forward for Smart Grid design, especially in consideration of the complex energy distribution network of the Rome metropolitan area,” said Marco Staderini, CEO, Acea SpA. “Our company is fully committed to maintaining and improving the superior quality of its electric power services. For this reason, we are working with highly qualified partners like NEC, who is able to meet our requirements for the Smart Grid project from both energy and ICT perspectives.”

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Notes to Editors:

In 2011, NEC established an Energy Competence Center in Italy. That same year, NEC signed an agreement with the country's Economic Development Ministry to examine the possibilities of basing its production of energy storage systems in Italy and developing advanced components for intelligent energy networks.

Since the early 1990s, NEC has been developing and manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for mobile phones and electric assist bicycles. From 2010, NEC's electric vehicle business moved into full swing thanks to Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (AESC), the joint-venture company between Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., and NEC TOKIN Corporation. NEC is one of a few vendors in the world that have both energy storage technology and ICT. This enables the combination and efficient operation of energy management systems, from power grids and large scale commercial facilities to individual homes.

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