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NEC offers NEC SNA800 Storage product line

Dusseldorf, September 20, 2017NEC Deutschland GmbH (NEC) today announced the availability of the next generation NEC SNA800 Storage product line.

The NEC SNA800 Storage product line enhances the NEC SNA Storage product line with a NetApp mid-range controller and a RAID controller-based storage system featuring built-in declustered RAID and classical RAID functionality. A single NEC SNA800 Storage array supports a bandwidth of up to 13 GB/s within the NEC GXFS Storage Appliance, while the gross capacity of a single array can scale up to 3600 TB using 10 TB NL-SAS hard drives. A mix of SSDs, SAS and NL-SAS disks can be utilized to meet customer requirements. In addition, the NEC GxFS Storage Appliance runs on dedicated RAID controller-based systems for integrity and security reasons.

“Companies demand flexibility in order to respond to the evolving needs of their organization,” said Dave Mooney, NetApp OEM VP. “The NetApp mid-range controller enables NEC to scale from a small storage solution in a mixed workload environment up to the largest storage system. We are proud to have worked with NEC since 2012 with the purpose of co-developing an engineered, fully embedded solution to help solve the needs for HPC customers.”

NEC SNA800 Storage systems provide consistent redundancy on all levels of the architecture. Data is kept accessible through redundant components, automated path failover and automated online administration. The advanced protection features and extensive diagnostics capabilities deliver high levels of data integrity, including Data Assurance (T10-PI) to protect against drive errors.

The declustered RAID functionality – Dynamic Disk Pooling (DDP) – helps to compensate for long rebuild times if a drive failure occurs with hard disk sizes of more than 10 TB an intelligent algorithm recreates the redundancy within minutes. The computing capacity used adapts to the severity of the current rebuilding stage.

NEC has an accomplished track record spanning more than 15 years in High Performance Computing as well as providing and operating storage components.


About NEC Deutschland GmbH
NEC Deutschland GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Europe Ltd. and is a leading provider of HPC solutions, focusing on sustained performance for real-life scientific and engineering applications. To achieve this goal NEC delivers technology and professional services to industry and academia. Linux-based HPC clusters as well as our high-end vector systems meet the different needs of different customers in the most flexible way. Energy-efficiency is one of the key design objectives, addressed by advanced cooling technologies or by the high-bandwidth vector-architecture, which delivers unprecedented efficiency on real world code. The service capabilities from the operation of complex systems to the optimization of scientific codes and NEC’s storage-appliances complete our solution offering.
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Press Contact:
Dr. Oliver Tennert
Director HPC Solutions and Marketing EMEA
Raiffeisenstr. 14
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

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