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NEC cooperates with the Lisbon City Council in the development of the Lisboa.24 App

- Information publicly made available in the app is based in Lisbon’s Intelligent Management Platform -

Lisbon, May 14, 2020 - NEC Portugal, a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Europe Ltd, announced that it was the company responsible for the development of the Lisboa.24 application created by the Lisbon City Council, and presented last week, with the aim of providing citizens with all the information about what is most important in the city.

NEC Portugal collaborated with the Lisbon municipality in the technological development of this application. The information was made available to the public via the Intelligent Management Platform of Lisbon (PGIL), a project which is being developed together by the two entities since 2017.

The Lisbon Intelligent Management Platform is a technological solution with high data processing and integration capacity, that allows the monitoring, analysis and management of the entire urban ecosystem, supporting the management of city operations by the municipal administration in order to provide services to citizens in a more preventive, integrated, articulated and cooperative way.

Based on NEC's Fiware solution, Cloud City Operations Center (CCOC), the Lisbon Intelligent Management Platform is an open source middleware platform that takes advantage of IoT technology and open APIs to collect, store and analyse data about the behaviour of the entire city, in real time. In addition to data from multiple types of sensors spread across the city, this platform also integrates data from 10 internal systems managed by the municipality of Lisbon and 30 external systems managed by various partners of the Lisbon City Council, providing a holistic view of the city, for a more efficient and coordinated management.

With a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface, the newly launched Lisboa.24 app provides varied information in real time, such as, notices to the population whenever situations occur that may jeopardize the safety of users, information about situations of emergencies that occur in the city and have an impact on public space, warnings about urban interventions, traffic conditions, location and availability of parking spaces and location and availability of the Gira bicycle network. In addition, information on civil protection, useful contacts and news about the city and municipality are also available on the app.

In this phase of great concern with the Covid-19 pandemic, it was the objective of Lisbon City Council and NEC to provide the app Lisbon.24 also with the ability to provide Lisbon residents with information on Covid-19 measures promoted by the municipality, disseminating useful information on multiple types of establishments opened in the city during this confinement period due to the Coronavirus, with the respective opening hours and additional services.

“For NEC, it is a great honour to be able to continue to collaborate with the municipality of Lisbon, namely through the development of these projects that reflect the potential of the Intelligent Management Platform of Lisbon that we have been building together. The existence of an app like Lisboa.24 is only possible due to the implementation of this platform, which collects, centralizes and analyses multiple types of urban data, converting it into useful information and insights for the managers of the city services and, now, also for citizens. This new ability that CML now has to put relevant information about the city in the palm of the hand of each of Lisbon's citizens, assumes an added value in this phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, due to the faculty that it brings to very quickly provide to citizens useful information about the services they have at their disposal, in their immediate vicinity”, explained José Luis Maté, NEC Public IT Services CTO.


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