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Who we are

NEC Telecom MODUS was originally established as Telecom MODUS in March 1998 and was a joint venture between NEC Corporation of Japan and ERA Technology Limited (now Cobham Technical Services) in the UK. The Joint Venture agreement ended on 31 March 2008 and Telecom MODUS Limited became a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation from 1 April 2008. From 1 April 2010 Telecom MODUS Limited (TML) has been re-branded with the inclusion of the NEC logo and name within the TML company name, in order to clearly identify it as a part of the NEC Global group of companies. This unique company is wholly dedicated to the design and development of advanced mobile radio-communication base stations and associated switching and control systems, based on the 3GPP standards.

NEC Telecom MODUS was amongst the pioneering companies contributing to the early work on the now well established 3rd Generation of mobile communications and continues to be an innovator in the establishment of the "beyond 3rd Generation" technologies of LTE and LTE Advanced.

NEC Telecom MODUS is located on an 18-acre site in Leatherhead. This location provides access to excellent research and development facilities and is more than adequate to accommodate future expansion. Modern computing and laboratory facilities are available.

is developing baseband part of the UMTS infrastructure using the most advanced electronics and software technology available. The company is active in UMTS standardisation and has an applied research group developing new technology for future systems. In addition, the company's R&D activities contribute to NEC's portfolio of Patents application to 3G products and systems beyond 3G.

benefits from the technical heritage of its strong parent company. NEC Corporation is a leader in CDMA, W-CDMA and OFDMA technologies and also in ATM, IP and other advanced networking techniques.

NEC Telecom MODUS offers a unique opportunity for employees to further their careers through involvement with the design and development of key components in NEC's 3rd Generation and beyond Mobile products. The work also involves close collaboration with other NEC Groups in Europe, USA and Japan. The challenges are substantial - so too are the rewards.

Board of Directors:
Nozomu Watanabe - Managing Director
Hisashi Kawabata - Director

Contact details: NEC Telecom MODUS Limited. Cleeve Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7SA, United Kingdom

Telephone +44 (0)1372 381880, Fax: +44 (0)1372 381804