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Management Systems

Environmental Management

To ensure that our business operations minimise the impact on the environment, three initiatives are in place, firstly that in procurement of items that will become a part of our delivered work product, we endeavour to obtain these from sustainable sources ie. 'green' suppliers. Secondly, we contribute to environmental conservation by recycling of office waste ie. paper, cardboard, plastics and metal drinks cans. Redundant IT equipment is also recycled by a specialist salvage company. Lastly, the carbon emissions of all of our long-haul business flights are offset on an annual basis.

As an aid to identifying best practices in environmental management, the main requirements of ISO 14001:2004 are complied with, as well as other requirements mandated by NEC Corporation.

Information Security Management

The protection of Company and Customer confidential information (ie. 'Intellectual Property') is of paramount importance and information security measures are in place to ensure that any incidents of information leakage are kept to an absolute minimum with the goal of no recorded incidents at all. Measures are in place to ensure there are no hostile intrusions into the Company IT networks and all work product is securely transmitted to our customers.

The main requirements of ISO 27001: 2005 are complied with to identify best practices, as well as compliance with other requirements mandated by NEC Corporation. As a means of continually improving the information management system, the CobiT™ self-assessment process is used on an ongoing basis.

Business Continuity Management

Any disruption to Company business operations may have a significant impact on our Customers, so our aim is to minimise this by having a robust business continuity system. This will enable us to continue to operate effectively, even if there is significant damage to Company offices.

The current system is based on the BCP Generator™ methodology and use is being made of the main requirements of ISO 22301:2012 to enhance our current processes and procedures and to ensure that best practices are identified.