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Quality and Customer Satisfaction

NEC TML is committed to producing high quality products and solutions and operates a Quality Management System (QMS) conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and the sector-specific TickIT certification for software development.

In line with the latest ISO requirements, our QMS is process based, with a set of 'lifecycle' processes for design, development and delivery of product or solutions, and a set of 'enabling' or support processes covering the activities of the infrastructure groups.

Integral to the QMS is the NEC TML Quality Policy which, from a quality perspective, encapsulates our overall intention and direction, in that:

We shall endeavour at all times to ensure that the quality of our deliverables meets the standards agreed with our customers and shall take necessary measures to ensure that they are delivered to agreed timescales, are fit for purpose and fully compliant with (where appropriate) the specifications issued by the relevant Standards bodies.
We do this by:

  • ensuring an understanding of customer expectations
  • operating a Quality Management System in conformance with ISO9001:2008 and TickIT Guide (iss 5.5)
  • regularly reviewing the Policy and Quality Objectives for continuing relevance to our business
  • identifying ways of continually improving our QMS

Customer Satisfaction - as an aid to gauging our customer's perceptions that we are meeting (or exceeding) their expectations for delivered product or solutions, NEC TML conducts periodic surveys by use of a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire, where a customer is invited to provide a 'score' for each of the questions asked. Where a given score falls below a Company-defined minimum, action is taken to investigate and provide remedial action.