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NEC to demonstrate eco-driving technology at the eCoMove-interactIVe joint final event

Heidelberg and London, November 20, 2013 – NEC Laboratories Europe (NLE) today announced it will demonstrate, jointly with its research partner Q-Free ASA, the exchange of energy-related information among vehicles at the eCoMove-interactIVe joint final event, Eurogress Congress Center in Aachen, Germany, on November 20 and 21, 2013.


This latest technology from NLE will contribute to the development of cooperative eco-driving applications, where the cooperation between vehicles and road infrastructure allows drivers to optimise their driving style to save fuel and reduce emissions.


Roberto Baldessari, Manager, Intelligent Transport Systems Group, NEC Laboratories Europe said “our technology supports the implementation of energy efficient applications which will significantly help drivers increase their energy efficiency. The optimal speed and lane advisory application, for example, suggests the lane and the driving speed for a vehicle, which will minimise a driver’s need to unnecessarily accelerate and decelerate”.


The event, co-organised by the European research projects eCoMove and interactIVe, includes conference sessions and demonstrations of the technology developed by the projects partners including NLE and Q-Free ASA. In particular, eCoMove will showcase several enablers of more efficient road transportation. These include fuel-efficient routing and navigation, eco-driving with cooperative electronic horizon, as well as speed advisory based on vehicle and transport infrastructure cooperation.


eCoMove is a 3.5-year Integrated Project (April 2010 - November 2013), co-funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme of Research and Technological Development. The project has created integrated cooperative solutions for road transport to help drivers, freight and road operators save unnecessary kilometers driven (optimised routing); save fuel (eco-driving support); and manage traffic more efficiently (optimised network management). eCoMove applications  show CO2 reductions ranging between 4-25%.


The eCoMove consortium consists of 32 partners including public authorities, car manufacturers and suppliers, service providers, infrastructure and telecommunication operators, and research institutes.


In the eCoMove project, NLE enhanced its successful vehicular communication platforms LinkBird-MX and C2X-SDK to allow vehicles to optimize their speed at a signalized road intersection, also paving the way for other energy-efficiency applications. Furthermore, NLE has developed new highway dynamic speed control strategies and studied their potential to reduce fuel consumption while not increasing the travel delay.


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